Sevia 2012

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Sevia M Idrus, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Title: Energy Efficient Next Generation Passive Optical Network for Sustainable Green Communication Network Infrastructure

Abstract: The issue of power consumption in ICT sector is becoming serious day by day due to the massive expansion of ICT sector especially telecommunication networks. This sector is consuming significant power that is not only causing increased network maintenance costs but also deteriorating our planet environment by emitting Green House Gases (GHG) like carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4) due to 10% consumption of the global electricity generation. Specifically, access network has been reported to consume 70% of it. Although as compared to the legacy copper based access network, the optical fiber based access networks are greener and energy efficient but still the power consumption of these access networks is significant and needs the attention of the research community. Therefore in this talk, I will reviewed all the proposed techniques to reduce power consumption of a GPON network especially focusing on the non-disruptive techniques, which requiring only firmware changes in the ONU and OLT. It has been reported that up to 97-99% frames are processed and then discarded by an ONU for being unrelated. This also leads ONUs to continuously remain fully active and thus consuming up to 60% of the whole PON power. Therefore, efficient energy conservation techniques are required at ONU to reduce its power consumption. Compared to physical layer based techniques, MAC layer based energy conservation techniques are more suitable as they do not require new investment and can be adapted in the currently deployed network, as well as in future architectures. Hence, the shortcomings in present MAC layer of ITU PONs and the proposed novel energy efficient schemes to make the PON more sustainable as ‘green access network’ will be presented.

Biography: Professor Sevia Mahdaliza Idrus is a member of Lightwave Communication Research Group, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UTM. She received her Bachelor in Electrical Engineering in 1998 and Master in Engineering Management in 1999, both from UTM. She obtained her PhD in 2004 from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom in optical communication engineering. She has served UTM since 1998 as an academic and administrative staff (i.e Deputy Director Innovation Commercialization Centre, Academic Manager of Graduate School UTM, Deputy Director of Photonics Technology Centre).  Her main research interest is in the area of optical communication system and engineering management, and her research outputs have been translated into a number of publications and IPRs including five high-end reference books, over 200 refereed research papers, 5 patents granted, 34 patent filings and 36 UTM copyrights. To date, she has secured and been involved in 38 research and consultation projects, local and internationally with a total value of RM 10.2 million. Prof. Idrus is the founder and Director of iSmartUrus Sdn Bhd (1057063A), a UTM spin-off company that successfully commercialized her invention, a novel airtime based mobile micropayment solution and application-centric IoT based mobile enforcement device. She also the co-founder and Board of Directors of Zen Trillion Sdn Bhd (1139993-H) an ICT company providing smartcity solution and services. She is actively involved in a number industrial and international research collaboration projects, delivered keynote and invited speeches to many international conferences and seminars. She is Senior Member of IEEE and member of Editorial Board of few refereed international journals. She has been appointed as a Guest Professor at Osaka Prefecture University and Tokai University, Japan in 2011 and 2014, respectively.